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Floating head with inclination in 9 directions – Three floating blades with 360º rotation – High speed motor – IPX7 waterproofing degree – LED indicators – Autonomy up to 60 minutes – Quick charge through C type cable

Brand : Xiaomi
Name : My Electric Shaver
Model : S500
Waterproof grade : IPX7
Nominal input : 5V = 1A
Nominal power : 3W
Autonomy : 60 minutes
Full charge : 120 minutes
Charging type : Type-C cable
Weight : 345g

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Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500 Black

Xiaomi knows that our personal care is one of the most important things in maintaining health, which is why Xiaomi’s personal care products are now more than recognized. Now, the brand is once again launching a renovation of its acclaimed Mi Electric Shaver, bringing us an electric shaver that is as striking for its quality and exquisite design as it is for its low price. The Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500 offers a perfect shave thanks to its cutting system with three independent floating blades and head with 360º tilt and rotation, adapting to the shape of the face and reaching the hair even in the most difficult areas. Don’t you think it’s amazing? Stay with us and discover all the details of this star product from Xiaomi!

Infinity Suspension Technology (IFT)
With the Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500 comes the third generation of 360° rotation suspension technology, better known as Infinity suspension technology. This system of three floating blades with 360º rotation (both the blades and the head itself) takes care of your skin, as it does not exert pressure on it and reaches areas that are difficult for other razors to reach, resulting in an even shave and making the whole process comfortable, easy and safe.

Double-layer blades and high-speed motor
In addition to three double-layer blades, the Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500 is also powered by a high-performance Mabuchi 260 engine, which can handle even the thickest of beards thanks to the high rpm it can achieve and its high acceleration speed.

Xiaomi’s minimalist style
But besides a great performance, Xiaomi is recognised by its minimalist style, even when it comes to a razor. The Mi Shaver S500 will not only look great in your bathroom decor, but it is also really handy. As for its exquisite design details and perfect matte finish, we must highlight the intuitive button located in the center, from which we can turn our device on and off. In addition, the Mi Shaver S500 also has a small, hidden LED panel from which we can check the battery level.

IPX7 waterproofing degree
The solid finish of its design is also really important, with an IPX7 waterproof rating, so you can use your razor with wet skin or even wash the head once you’re done (only if the device is turned off and if it is to dry before turning it back on).

60 minutes autonomy and quick charge
Don’t get half shaved either because of the low battery level. The Xiaomi Mi Shaver S500 comes equipped with a large capacity battery, capable of providing a range of up to 60 minutes. Once it reaches its limit, you can charge it via a C-type cable. You only need to wait 120 minutes to get a full charge.

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Features Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500 Black:
Wet or dry shaving
PPG anti-fingerprint surface
IPX7 waterproof full body, easy to clean
360° floating shaving technology, suitable for all facial contours
Blades made of high quality JFE and SANDVIK steel, more durable use
ECM electrochemical machining technology for sharper blades
Fast charging in only 2 hours and 60 minutes autonomy
Japanese high-performance engine with a cutting speed of 3.9 m/sec
Removable head for more comfortable and effective cleaning